Poem Of The Day #7

Love is often unequal; affection always differs. The loving complains of the unloving; the heartfelt bemoans the heartless. Feelings have no reason; life has no cure. Do I believe in happy ending even if I know what the ending is like? It sounds naive if I say I do; it sounds cynical if I say … Continue reading Poem Of The Day #7

Poem Of The Day #4

Last week's spring heat bloomed the early flowers. But alas, temperature has since dropped to 27F at night, which is -3C. I don't even know your name-- cherry or dogwood or crabapple-- but I feel sorry for your flowers. How can you survive the onslaught of the fickle weather? Some say "rough winds do shake … Continue reading Poem Of The Day #4

Poem Of The Day #3

It's the spring; it's a spell; something in the air. The thought of you blooms. Another decade, another April. Time hurries away as if in haste. But you're going nowhere. Your shaved chin, your brisk walk, your shoulder bulging the shirt is here forever in my wandering mind, in my knotted brow, in my staring … Continue reading Poem Of The Day #3

Colorful And Perilous

She's an incorrigible gambler, an incessant drinker, a perpetual presence in local parties, a lover of fine clothes and gossips. She sounds like a typical college girl of the 21st century, except that she lived almost exactly one thousand years ago. Yes, it is true that history repeats itself and the same kind of women … Continue reading Colorful And Perilous

The Improbable Plot Line

I am not sure how the story goes, what he or she does, how he poses or how she clothes. Only a vague idea grows and grows. Things good or bad or hectic, with an unexpected Asian twist. Relationships possible, and even electric, but something is lacking--what is it? Imaginations so aimless, considerations endless, plot … Continue reading The Improbable Plot Line

Poem: The Holiday Haul

Morning sunlight pale, shadow of floating cloud chill. A half full parking lot, many full carts of goods, whether you need or need not. One in T-shirt, with cool words printed on, deliberately non-provoking. One in winter boots, not for the feet, but for the beautiful legs. One in jacket, an expensive fading grey color. … Continue reading Poem: The Holiday Haul

Poem: A Windy Monday

The howling sound, the waving bare branches. Your age old greetings, timely every fall, dreaded every winter. Clouds are pushed here and there, fallen leaves swept away. What's not fixed or tied down flown off. Gone is the past season of fear that virus spread through the air. Holidays are here, relief is near, hopes … Continue reading Poem: A Windy Monday

Poem: In Season

It's an eccentric fruit, in color, shape, structure, pronunciation, and spelling--pomegranate. Suddenly it shows up in stores, some in piles, some in bins, some big--more than one pound each, some small as a tennis ball. The seeds are so red, almost hurting your eyes; eating them are so messy, hands sticky, face splashed red. "But … Continue reading Poem: In Season

How Lucky You Are

Shermei, Shermei, You don't know how lucky you are. You've never lived in a flooded house, your only shelter, standing on a little stool to eat your meal. You've never lived through a famine,when a chicken in the black market would cost a month's salary. You've never encountered social turmoils, when bandits came to draft … Continue reading How Lucky You Are

November’s Bad Poems

It's the ugly child of poem that only I can love. Leaves Everywhere https://www.instagram.com/p/CHObA3_Hjut/ I saw her at the Asian grocery store here several times. She must be living nearby. She walked so purposefully into the store as if she's marching towards a battlefield. To battle what? I don't know. A battle with veggies? When … Continue reading November’s Bad Poems

Poem: The Season Of Leaves

Rain all night and all morning. The bright yellow leaves in tears,shaking on the branches,sprawling on the ground,carpeting everything--the lawn, the paths, the cars.The season of leaves,a beautiful death,a colorful eulogy,a spectacular funeral. The slice of toasted bread turns soggy quickly.Rains pouring from the broken corner of the gutter. I say to myself I can't … Continue reading Poem: The Season Of Leaves

Nowhere and Anywhere

Even the north pole is 38 degrees Celsius. That's 95 Fahrenheit or higher? Why bother, nobody I know is living there. It's the online Asian news, telling you disasters here, there, everywhere. Polar bear is starving, permafrost on fire, igniting a forest with flame raging, from the melting ice, new islands emerging, an arctic competition … Continue reading Nowhere and Anywhere

Altitude vs. Elevation

I don't know the difference between the word altitude and elevation when Edison Township's relation to the sea level is concerned. Probably altitude is too big a word for Edison, which poses only 39 feet above, about the height of a three story building, not enough to defend itself against an angry sea, but probably … Continue reading Altitude vs. Elevation

A Hot Sunday Morning

73F early morning-- sign of a hot Sunday. no rainstorm is forthcoming until the distant Wednesday. No plan to go out-- breathless under face cover, heatstroke when walk about. What has become of me? On a crowded ramshackle bus I used to travel 37C without air conditioning. Under the blazing subtropical sun I used to … Continue reading A Hot Sunday Morning

Pool Party

They were there before the opening, big shining truck or cute sedan lining the road. Each sitting in their car, waiting, staring, frowning. Suddenly the rusty door creaked open, sky blue water glowed. They were not wearing masks, not swimming, but standing about, talking, laughing on things interesting or boring. The way they hang out, … Continue reading Pool Party

A Walk

A long walk in the neighborhood, mask being a nuisance. Can't breathe under the plastic like fabric; can't even smile. When eyes are the only part revealed, they gain unnecessary alert and lost their shine. Empty streets, closed stories, wary masked figures. When will this endless torment end? Hope, doubt, uncertainty, part of routine anxiety. … Continue reading A Walk

Where Is It

I thought about something-- an idiosyncrasy, a trait observed through a common behavior, something universal yet with an Asian twist. How wonderful. I was cooking and I didn't write it down, trusting my memory, disregarding my usual forgetfulness. Despite numerous evidence to the contrary, I still believe in my ability, especially in the realm of … Continue reading Where Is It


Longer lines outside of the stores; More masked face with wary looks; No more toilet papers, rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizers; A friend talking over the phone-- but he's not interested in conversing. He's not into anybody or anything, not even himself. Enjoying sanctioned pleasures, he feels superior; not enjoying unsanctioned pleasures, he feels even more … Continue reading Apparition

Here and There

Wherever I go, I wonder about the likelihood of you being there. The chance is slim, but the dream continues. Not the same locations, not the same time. Like the possibility of seeing another planet full of life, theoretically yes, but practically no. Remember when we were young, we criticized the plot of a movie … Continue reading Here and There

Unfinished Love

Suddenly life seems so fragile, ephemeral. It can end prematurely, accidentally, unexpectedly by a smallest RNA with a protein coat gaudy with red dots sticking out. I've never thought about death before, something too far away to be of significance. Now I think about it, I feel fine. I can accept death better than declining … Continue reading Unfinished Love

Love Revisited

The building was still there, dark exterior of glass panels, reflecting the blue sky with floating clouds, its weathered uneven face spoiling the effect intended. Still, its silent sturdiness, its presence is a statement--I'm here to stay. It's where we met, where unspoken messages sent, through burning eyes; where sentiments alluded through unsentimental marketing strategies. … Continue reading Love Revisited

It’s You Again

I review your websitewith changes once in a while;I follow your LinkedIn account,short of clicking on “connect”.I watched the YouTube videos ofthe Chamber of Commerce luncheon,and the early spring township parade.I download the PDF file with you in it,standing right next to somebody, smiling,or wearing a straw hat in the local primary schoolwith kids all … Continue reading It’s You Again

A Sloth Girl’s Love

Long ago, a morning or an afternoon,exact time forgotten,I was walking towards the auditorium,with several others,along the narrow hallway, that lined withoffices on one side, and administrative cubicles on the other.I don’t know why I turned around, but I did.There you were, at the end of the hallway,your arm resting on the raised desk of … Continue reading A Sloth Girl’s Love