Poem Of The Day #43

Image by Couleur from Pixabay

Let's have a dumpling party,
that's tasty and hearty, 
with meat and veggie,
to help her get over him.
Who knows where he's now, 
could be anywhere in the Pacific rim. 

Let's make dumplings from scratch--
knead the dough, chop the spice. 
All the mixing and stirring and wrapping-- 
to her, it would be a diversion.

Cooking is the best way, don't you think?
All the ingredients and procedures, 
every detail requires attention. 
No serious thinking or conversing is possible
when there's such a big mess in front of you.

How about we scrap the dumpling? 
Let's just talk and talk and talk,
with all our attention and no food distraction. 
She probably would like it better. 

NO. NO. Real serious thinking is frightening. 
I like to think when the TV is on, music is humming, 
pot is simmering, my hands busy with something.
All the bustling happy sounds 
obscure my yearning and my thoughts. 

Ok, you are right. 
turn our holiday party into a food assembly line. 
Let our thoughts starve,
get our stomach stuffed. 
That's a time well spent, life well lived.

Now what are those obscure yearning 
and thoughts of yours?
I want to know and I will not rest 
until I extract them out of you.

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