Poem Of The Day #7

Love is often unequal; affection always differs. The loving complains of the unloving; the heartfelt bemoans the heartless. Feelings have no reason; life has no cure. Do I believe in happy ending even if I know what the ending is like? It sounds naive if I say I do; it sounds cynical if I say … Continue reading Poem Of The Day #7

Poem Of The Day #6

Dreary day, endless rain, everywhere dark and wet. At intervals, the sky brightens up, but a mist lingers, a haze hovers in the cool sauna of the saturated air. I should have prepared for the rainy day, but I didn’t. Now I went to the store grudgingly, made a wrong turn, almost lost my way. … Continue reading Poem Of The Day #6

Poem Of The Day #4

Last week’s spring heat bloomed the early flowers. But alas, temperature has since dropped to 27F at night, which is -3C. I don’t even know your name– cherry or dogwood or crabapple– but I feel sorry for your flowers. How can you survive the onslaught of the fickle weather? Some say “rough winds do shake … Continue reading Poem Of The Day #4

Poem Of The Day #3

It’s the spring; it’s a spell; something in the air. The thought of you blooms. Another decade, another April. Time hurries away as if in haste. But you’re going nowhere. Your shaved chin, your brisk walk, your shoulder bulging the shirt is here forever in my wandering mind, in my knotted brow, in my staring … Continue reading Poem Of The Day #3

Poem Of The Day #2

Last night’s rainstorm hastens the spring blooms the early flowers thrills the tweeting birds. Last year’s April, please do not return– the long shopping line, the empty shelves, the toilet paper shortage. But I dream of you, returning, even though I know you would not. It is understood. Still love feels unfinished.

Poem Of The Day #1

I am staring into nothing, which I hope is something. An hour has passed, I can’t come up with anything. I get up, and walk around, like a clown, with a frown, frustration unbound. On the desk, a book spread, I flip through what I’ve read. Nothing there, except the feeling of dread. Without an … Continue reading Poem Of The Day #1

Colorful And Perilous

She’s an incorrigible gambler, an incessant drinker, a perpetual presence in local parties, a lover of fine clothes and gossips. She sounds like a typical college girl of the 21st century, except that she lived almost exactly one thousand years ago. Yes, it is true that history repeats itself and the same kind of women … Continue reading Colorful And Perilous

Haiku: Snowy Day

Little flakes of festivityfalling softly, silently, gently,hold trees, rooftops, cars in frosty embrace. “Downy ecstasy”, “silver sunlight”, “wedding cake”,analogies effuse, admiration abounds,I have to agree. But I can’t help thinking aboutdirty road edges, parking lots with brownish mountain piles,not going away for another two weeks.


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