Haiku: Memory

A sunny day, A simple breakfast. It’s there– the memory smiling at me from the charred toast. I stop the car, raise my eyes. It’s there– the memory appearing, hanging on to me, like my handbag. I walk past the familiar hedges of careless landscaping. It’s there– the memory recurring, like someone repeating a tired … Continue reading Haiku: Memory

Poem: The Season Of Leaves

Rain all night and all morning. The bright yellow leaves in tears,shaking on the branches,sprawling on the ground,carpeting everything–the lawn, the paths, the cars.The season of leaves,a beautiful death,a colorful eulogy,a spectacular funeral. The slice of toasted bread turns soggy quickly.Rains pouring from the broken corner of the gutter. I say to myself I can’t … Continue reading Poem: The Season Of Leaves

Haiku: Autumn

Leaves creaking dry.The sound of autumnunder my steps. Fiery hues–red, yellow, green–sway in the wind.The color of autumnalong the road. The remnant of summer heat can’t warmthe cool touch of autumn.Bare arms shudder. Last October, same spot, same weather, but a younger me.The mood of autumnwon’t quit my mind.

The Impossible Plot Line

I am not sure how the story goes, what he or she does, how he poses or how she clothes. Only a vague idea grows and grows. Things good or bad or hectic, with an unexpected Asian twist. Relationships possible, and even electric, but never far from the gist. Imaginations so aimless, considerations endless, plot … Continue reading The Impossible Plot Line

Dusk Falls At 7:00PM

Darkened sky, brisk air; cool breezes chill the arms bare, ruffle my summer wear. Dusk so soon I am not aware. A year passes a blink of an eye; a day goes by before I could sigh. Chores I can’t simplify; Do it or not do it, either can satisfy. Honest toil is something, or … Continue reading Dusk Falls At 7:00PM


It’s overcast, but no rain, no wind, no leaves fly. The tail end of Hurricane Laura passing by, no stir, no bang, only a little sigh about not having sunshine and blue sky. It’s the best time for shopping– first stop restaurant W for takeout. It used to be so popular that patrons swarming, but … Continue reading Overcast

Block and Unblock

Something small but not trivial, big but not boasting, routine but not insignificant, down to earth but not vulgar. And what is it then? A vague idea one way or another. How to be disciplined as well as imaginative? Without the former, no work is done; without the later, no work is worthwhile. A call … Continue reading Block and Unblock


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