Quote Of The Day

Quote Of The Day #42 I read this author’s “The Loyal Son” about Ben Franklin and his son, and really like it. I have to say our local grocery store really has nice biographies and nice WWII books. Anyway, I went online to see if the same author wrote other biographies and found this one … Continue reading Quote Of The Day

Poem Of The Day: The Market

Poem Of The Day #54 Dragon fruits piled high– white flesh and red flesh– prices defer but taste alike. Grapes fresh from the hot house– red, green, or black, some seedless, some not– sweet, ripe, and shapely not really organic, but very nearly so. Korean pears as big as a cantaloupe– four dollars each, and … Continue reading Poem Of The Day: The Market

Poem Of The Day: The Rain

Image by NickyPe from Pixabay Poem Of The Day #53 All day long– misty drizzle, wet raindrops, freezing pellets, snow flakes– weather in all forms have a last party of the winter. March is a difficult month, counting date–only the 9th. Spring is in the mind, but nowhere to find. Search the dump of my … Continue reading Poem Of The Day: The Rain

Poem Of The Day: Flower & People

Poem Of The Day #52 “How red? How beautiful.” Touching the waxy petals, smelling the non-existent fragrance, she says, “beautiful flowers, but ugly root. Don’t you think?” “It’s like people. You know, people with pretty face, but ugly feet. We all have ugly feet.” I say to her. “Haha, that’s because we don’t do manicure … Continue reading Poem Of The Day: Flower & People

Poem: Thursday

Poem Of The Day #51 Thursday is always disappointing– close to weekend, but not yet there. Friday’s a delight after days of tear and wear but Thursday is just a nuisance I woke up at 6AM, still drowsy, very groggy, but couldn’t go back to sleep. The chatting birds were gone; the temperature plunged to … Continue reading Poem: Thursday

Poem: Long Time No See

Image by Hans Toom from Pixabay Poem Of The Day #50 Birds start chirping early in the morning. Long time no see– two or three months no hear of thee. Last week’s rain, ice, windy chill, and the weekend’s snow squall become a distant memory. Now we cheer spring in February — 60 Fahrenheit, in … Continue reading Poem: Long Time No See


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