Daily Musing and Sighing

Happy And Happier

One thing good about the holiday season is that one feels happy about one’s own grumpiness. All the stress of experiencing cheerful things, the boredom of shopping trips, the mental anxiety of trying to say something less like holiday cliches can add up and make anybody grumpy. But we tell ourselves, “it’s a holiday. We … Continue reading Happy And Happier

Remember Or Not

My friend said his father is getting forgetful, but his father’s doctor told them that his cognitive ability is at the top 5% of his age group. The family should be celebrating rather than worrying about his mental state. So I asked how the doctor made the judgement call and my friend said the doctor … Continue reading Remember Or Not

The Happy Surprises

I woke up this morning, surprised that I had a good sleep last night. Insomnia gone, headache nonexistent. Sometimes happiness descends from nowhere. I almost felt that I don’t deserve it. Have you ever experienced the moment when your friend did or said something that happily surprised you? I have this friend who’s so gentle … Continue reading The Happy Surprises

To Admire A Place

The best way to admire a place is from a distance. Once you live there, it’s a very different story. I know a couple who admired a house in South Brunswick township for a year when it was being built–that was years ago when many new development were happening there–and as soon as it came … Continue reading To Admire A Place

How To Fight The Winter Blue

I guess this is all caused by the fact that the sun set at 4:40PM and darkness swallows several hours of an afternoon. The crisp autumn air and the mild temperature cannot save the day when daylight shrinks so much. When you have the winter blue, just think about those people who live closer than … Continue reading How To Fight The Winter Blue

When I Look At This

Last night I stared at this picture, but no sleepiness comes. By the way I checked the copyright of this picture, for which the painter Redon died in 1919, more than 100 years ago and I guess we can post the image just as freely as we can with Van Gogh. I’ve never had a … Continue reading When I Look At This

Today’s Mishaps

Insomnia is overlooked by people. Nobody considers it as a sickness but it is. It has almost no remedy and people who suffer from it have a nightly dread of going to bed. Although I failed with valerian roots, I am thinking of trying chamomile next. Will meditation work? Thinking about friendships… I burned three … Continue reading Today’s Mishaps

Let Me Sleep

I am so afraid of my insomnia that I started to dream of not sleeping last night. I dreamed of myself walking about in dread of going to bed to lie there without feeling sleepy. My grandma appeared in my dream too telling me that if I am not as headstrong as I have always … Continue reading Let Me Sleep

Capacity And Incapacity

I haven’t calculated anything for ages. Even the monthly budget and expenses are done by the spreadsheet automatically. Suddenly I find myself unable to calculate numbers. Actually very easy numbers. If 87% is reporting in Nevada, Biden has 627,104, Trump has 606,967 votes. What’s the total number of Nevada votes and the remaining uncounted votes? … Continue reading Capacity And Incapacity

Comprehend A Little Bit More

Although I didn’t watch it on Tuesday night, I spent many hours watching last night, throwing aside other things I need to do. I really don’t understand why many swing states can’t finish counting their votes while all the non-swing states have no trouble at all to finish the counting on election night–except Alaska. These … Continue reading Comprehend A Little Bit More

Comprehend The Incomprehensible

The electoral college is as as mysterious as American football to me. I can understand neither. It’s rules, its operations, its strategies–all mystery. I guess many immigrants are like me because the rest of the world don’t have the electoral college system except in those rare places and on rare occasions. The same happens to … Continue reading Comprehend The Incomprehensible

I Am Not Going To Watch Tonight

I used to watch TV for hours and hours on election night. What a crash course on American politics. Pundits, commentators, reporters all come out to analyze the past, the present, the exit polls, the historical similarities and differences with past elections. Reagan and Nixon are mentioned very often, which I don’t know why. How … Continue reading I Am Not Going To Watch Tonight

Computer Puns

I only knew cat lovers love to conjure up puns for their purr-fect pets, but I didn’t know computers have so many pun-able words too. I only just discover this. One can never underestimate one’s ignorance. It’s not that I didn’t know these words; I just never connected them with puns. They are hiding in … Continue reading Computer Puns

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