From The Humble Worms

Every time I go to Menlo Park Mall, I would visit my favorite item, to see, to touch, to feel its perfection. It’s hanging proudly in Nordstrom, an expensive store. A silk long sleeved pajamas with matching silk pants, which I can’t afford. It’s been there for quite a while, but last weekend, it’s gone. … Continue reading From The Humble Worms

Stories Of Rice

When the lockdown first started in March, last year, there’s a big rush to buy rice. I thought it’s a little ridiculous, but I still went out and came back with more supply of rice that could be consumed in one year–I didn’t want to see myself left out from the madness. And the Asian … Continue reading Stories Of Rice

A Procrastinator

Remember Hurricane Sandy eight and half years ago? It happened at the end of October. As a typical procrastinator, I’m usually very busy in the last several days of the month. A lot of things were due and I was in half panic mode. Guess what, Sandy hit us hard and our electricity was knocked … Continue reading A Procrastinator


H went for an interview to get a contractor job and came back a little distraught. It’s a disaster, according to him. I helped him prepare–revising his resume and brushing up his English etc. Well, English is not his first language and the interview is rather important to him. He needed all the help he … Continue reading Over-Preparation

She Will Survive

My friend M called last night from the West Coast that she was being contact traced and had to go for a virus test. It’s all because one business meeting she had, during which they didn’t wear mask and their talk was very long. M has been very careful indeed, but still things happen. Now … Continue reading She Will Survive

Politics In Small Town

When Jun Choi was running his mayoral campaign for Edison, New Jersey in 2005, many Asians I knew didn’t vote for him, not because they had anything against his candidacy, but rather due to the fact that they were content with the way things were and saw no need to replace the incumbent. That’s exactly … Continue reading Politics In Small Town

My Unbelievable Friend

Let’s just call him Wai, which is not his real name, and I’ve changed several details so that nobody can recognize him even if they read this blog. However the story is true. I’ve always felt that at least half of my friends are mad, and I think my friends are probably thinking everybody else … Continue reading My Unbelievable Friend

The God Of Gamblers

of Taiwan died last week and I just want to tell his story since he is a quirky character. However I have to start with Arjin and her husband, who run a small cell phone store and travel agency in one of the strip malls in Edison. I don’t know why Arjin and her husband … Continue reading The God Of Gamblers

Love Is A Mess

She was very young, in her twenties, walking right in front of me, pushing a shopping cart full of daily essentials. Suddenly she turned around, looking past me, and said, “Where are you?” I looked around likewise and saw her husband, loitering in a little distance, with two kids in tow of about four years … Continue reading Love Is A Mess

Weird Winter

These are some of the weird things I witness during the winter. People wear sandals barefooted. I know it is indoors, but still it is winter. Now it almost becomes a trend to be barefooted. Too bad my feet are not pretty and I tend to hide them in socks and shoes. People eat ice … Continue reading Weird Winter


I’ve seen this neighbor’s dog in the neighborhood for quite a while, but I can never tell if his barking is a gesture of friendship or aggression. Thus I don’t know if I should stop to pet him or to flee. His language, let’s call it Doglish, is frozen at the point of not conveying … Continue reading Frozen

A Romantic Comedy Or Not

Me: “We need to cook some jollof rice today since we promised that we would do that this weekend and share the result with others.” My Mind: “I feel like sitting on the couch all day today. I have to say no. I have also sent messages to the body to stay on the couch.” … Continue reading A Romantic Comedy Or Not

Snowy Sunday With No Appetite

No appetite;no wish to cook,but it’s time to eat.What a chore.How about a hotpot?Food cooked without me cooking;one dish with a little bit of everything.