Friendly Observation

Image by djedj from Pixabay I have been watching YouTube videos about narcissists and their damaging effects on people related to them. Somehow I started to feel like an amateur psychologist. So I talked with my friends L who’s a very good kind of woman and have a lot of common sense. After listening to … Continue reading Friendly Observation

A Friend Like That

I have a friend who’s forever in crisis. He can hardly let a week go by without getting himself in a little bit of drama. Let’s talk about his driving skills first. He is a very careful driver, and I don’t understand how he could get himself into so many accidents. Whenever I ask him, … Continue reading A Friend Like That

On My Way

Image by 二 盧 from Pixabay On My Way To Be A Vegan Just as I thought I am almost a vegan, I realized that I am still using packaged chicken stocks since vegetable stocks don’t have the same kind of taste. Also I still can’t resist Campbell’s chicken noodle soup, to which I’ve been … Continue reading On My Way

The Vegan Eggs

I was thinking of getting the vegan option “Just Egg” from the Target store for months since it has had very good reviews online. However, Target is located in the Menlo Park section of the Edison Township, near those many acres of land Thomas Edison bought and established his lab more than 150 years ago. … Continue reading The Vegan Eggs

Taking Photos

I was trying to take a photo of a flowering tree, which I think is called pink flowering magnolia, the most popular kind of flower tree in New Jersey. Then it suddenly struck me that probably I was infringing on the privacy of this neighbor. I could of course shoot the picture from a deliberate … Continue reading Taking Photos

Slow To Take A Hint

I was trying to add a little shimmer to the above photo, which I took with my phone of the book I was reading, but somehow managed to make the picture look sick with a ghostly glow. Don’t you think so? I mean the glow is so unnatural that it almost feels like a Halloween … Continue reading Slow To Take A Hint

Things To Change

I’m thinking of making some changes to my post after seeing beautiful presentation of doodles, shining pink colors, and otherworldly fonts from people I follow. I have absolutely zero art skills. Whether it is photography, drawing, colors, shapes or layout, I have no idea how to make things pretty or why one is prettier than … Continue reading Things To Change

The Alternative Life

“It often makes me think about the alternative.” My friend E says. She is a very nice, cute girl full of common sense. By the say, she is also a nurse living in Queens borough of New York City. Once she told me that many of her colleagues complain that they have to try very … Continue reading The Alternative Life

Friday’s Feeling

I just feel that I’ve been busy all day today, but achieve very little. My mind and my time are all occupied by trivial, repetitive, and predictable things. And when I finally sit down to write something, I feel that I have nothing to write about. I could write the second part of the flash … Continue reading Friday’s Feeling

Poem: Long Time No See

Image by Hans Toom from Pixabay Poem Of The Day #50 Birds start chirping early in the morning. Long time no see– two or three months no hear of thee. Last week’s rain, ice, windy chill, and the weekend’s snow squall become a distant memory. Now we cheer spring in February — 60 Fahrenheit, in … Continue reading Poem: Long Time No See

Tuesday’s Thoughts 2/22/22

Image by ElinaElena from Pixabay It’s said that today is a special day, being Tuesday 2/22/22, which is noted as 22/2/22 in most parts of the world. Whatever the notation is, it is a day created for pair, duo, duet, duplex, twin, double, couple. How many English words are there to describe two? I don’t … Continue reading Tuesday’s Thoughts 2/22/22