In Shock

This story is about Wai and I talked about him in a previous post. He has two little stores and works seven days a week and more than ten hours every day. However right now the business is down due to pandemic and he went to Texas to help his cousin to repair his house, … Continue reading In Shock

The Crazy Argument

“I can’t go to a friend and say to him, ‘your wife is crazy’, can I?” Pan, the husband, says. “You need to point out to him to get his wife some psychiatric help. At first I thought she’s just peculiar and now she is getting worse. Last week, out of blue she invited me … Continue reading The Crazy Argument

He Is Home (Flash Fiction #3)

I just know it. He said he’s going to come back by this hour, but look, where is he? It’s because of his friendship with Doo, who’s a liar through and through, and who’s going to influence my little honest gullible Dragon. What a nice little nickname–Dragon–I got for him? I love dragons. Men learn … Continue reading He Is Home (Flash Fiction #3)


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