Poem Of The Day #46

Image by Melk Hagelslag from Pixabay

This is not working,
and that requires a repeating.
Is the effort futile? Is the work worthwhile?
Monday's questions increase the frustration.
As if it's not enough--
learn about Omicron cases again
two colleagues of hers, 
and one client of his.
All day long, bad tidings keep coming-- 
but girls need fun 
and some good news please. 

Not exactly healthy food,
too much eggs and no veggie, 
too much starch and no bean curd.
Plus the Monday gloom, 
and the winter blue.
I can't help but brood--
the project is hanging,
the friend is not responding, 
the problem persisting,
the worry remaining.
Still girls have to eat
this dinner without soup. 

Perish the thought, I tried.
He is a wandering ghost
comes and goes freely,
as if mocking my resolve.
"I wonder, what if?" 
his ghostly voice claims.
"We may hate each other by now, 
I know. I'm sure." I stress.
Girls want to live without regret
and thrive without remorse. 

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