Poem Of The Day #35

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

This happens so often--
an agreement is not really an agreement, 
a consensus is not really a consensus. 
It's just a negotiation and a resignation, 
a yearning for a conclusion, 
for politeness sake, 
for expediency, 
under the circumstance.  

Growing up watching idealistic parents 
doing the horrible thing, 
she is afraid of having an ideal for a long time. 
Then she's afraid she's becoming cynical. 
Probably her parents were not really idealistic--
they just use ideals for self serving purposes. 

She's unhappy when she's becoming predictable. 
However unpredictable is always a bad word. 
That's just English--
artful and artless are both bad words. 
The balance, and the rightful amount
is beyond the reach of a non-native speaker.
If unbalance is the rule of the day, 
she'd rather choose artless--
her parents exhausted the stock of artfulness
in their bitter battle of will
for several generations to come. 

She's not seeking ideal, 
but rather connection and understanding.
Women complaining together? 
Is that a connection? 



14 thoughts on “Poem Of The Day #35

  1. I think the ending touches a very important aspect of human nature. Complaining is therapeutic and the more ears that hear it is always a better proposition. Definitely a connection. One has to move on from past hurts and put life in one’s own perspective. Otherwise, there’s only suffering. A lovely one, Haoyan. πŸ™‚

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    1. So true. So true. Complaining is a wonderful thing and we can’t live our life without whining, but still it is only a connection to a degree. I’ve seen people complaining together and become fast friends, but …

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