Poem Of The Day #48

Here -- known this done that;
there -- still a question mark; 
where -- an everlasting quest.
Somewhere is an idle wish;
anywhere is a wild guess; 
nowhere is a dreaded consequence.

Then -- an unreliable memory;
now -- a perpetual dissatisfaction; 
next -- an illusion and a conjecture.
The quietness only reminds me of
the never ending bustling far far away.
I can't enjoy now, since
now is consumed by busy work, 
for the purpose of a speculated future,
punctuated by nostalgia of back then.

She -- an embodiment of common sense;
he -- an icon of generosity and traditional value.
Every day event -- full of certainty,
but the fate -- all too uncertain.
Two good people cannot love each other, 
while two villains make a loving couple.  
This is life. 

Image by Thought Catalog from Pixabay

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