Poem Of The Day #9

You smile, head tilting a little, lips parting a little,
showing your perfect teeth,
wearing your favorite dark suit and and striped tie.
The same wholesome smile,
for the last ten years-- 
photo freezes time; webpage for eternity.
You're ten years older now,
a bigger waist, a rounder chin, deeper laugh lines. 
I imagine.  

You think nothing like me--
actually you think towards the opposite direction. 
You have a good life and you don't want to change.
If we ever agree on anything, 
it will be pure luck and rare occurrences.

My rational self tells me: 
Familiarity often broods boredom; 
connection can transform the taste--
from sweet to bitter.
It's futile.
But who cares about being rational
when love is in the air?

I've changed the lock to my dream,
but you keep coming 
grinning charmingly from ear to ear.


22 thoughts on “Poem Of The Day #9

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting. LOL. The person we loved will never go away. I still look at his picture online from time to time. Writing is therapeutic and it release the tension. LOL.


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