The Opportunist (Flash Fiction #14)

“Look, Yinla is declaring her intention to run for the board of county commissioners.” Pammy says.

“What is that? What does it do?” Pammy’s perpetually gentle but disagreeing husband Pan says.

“I don’t know. A political position of certain kind. We should donate to her campaign, shouldn’t we? We need to show our support.” Pammy says.

Pan takes over the free community newspaper his wife is holding and read the news.

“My goodness. Yinla is running on the Republican ticket. I can’t believe this. She has always been a Democrat as far as I can remember. We are always Democrats, I mean Asian immigrants.” Pan cries.

“Pan, you don’t understand New Jersey politics.” Pammy says.

“OK, you understand politics. Really? Since when?” Pan asks.

“I talk with people. I chat, but you are too caught up in your analytical work and your soccer watch. You have no interest in what is happening around you.” Pammy says.

“Give me a break. You talk with your gynecologist again, don’t you? She is not mending your body, but rather she spends more time skewing your mind.” Pan says.

“Be nice, Pan. Most qualified doctors moved out of New Jersey because of high liability insurance cost. This gynecologist is the only one I can find. Anyway, let me tell you something about Yinla that I heard. The Democratic Party is too popular among Asians in this area. Consequently Yinla can’t squeeze herself in. It’s a fierce competition over there, even for those unpaid insignificant council member jobs. Yinla works for years in the Democratic Party but she can’t be anything but a lowly campaign assistant. So she switched party to the Republican side. Look, just in six months time, she’s photoed with donors, ex-governors, mayors. And now she gets enough party support to run for something. She’s a rising star.” Pammy says.

“That’s… I don’t know what to say except that she’s such an opportunist. There’s no Asians in Republican party and that’s why she’s a precious decoration for them. She’s obviously not Republican material. Anybody can see that. Can I ask for my past donation back? I don’t want to support a person like her.” Pan says.

“Pan, be nice. She’s going to switch back to Democratic Party once she becomes popular and well-known and can raise funds easily on her own. I am sure of that. Sometimes life is a detour.” Pammy says.

“I can’t believe this. All these faithless people like her. I used to think some men would do this. I used to think women are better than this, not so opportunistic…” Pan says.

“Women are as whimsical as men. Women were not so opportunistic when women didn’t have opportunities. Now the society offers women more opportunities…” Pammy says.

“My head aches.” Pan says and lies down on the sofa with a sigh.

“Come on, you’ll get over it. All’s fair in love and politics. Haven’t you heard of that?” Pammy says.

“I’m having a headache, but I can cope better if you can get me a cup of rice wine.” Pan says.

9 thoughts on “The Opportunist (Flash Fiction #14)

    1. Yes, Pan is a naive person who only knows how to deal with figures and models. LOL. He is no good in dealing with real world issues. If the voters and the parties don’t care about the switch, it should be ok. Yinla probably would feel a little guilty to be inconsistent…


    1. LOL. That’s what I am going to say. Yinla is a seasoned politician now, although I’ve never understood what it means by “seasoned. Does it mean she has gone through several seasons of events or she is being immersed in spices and marinated to a better taste? LOL. I feel like a cannibal just to mention it.

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    1. Yes, Pan is a little naive, as he has always been. He is not a man of the world, but rather a man of figures and statistics. The real world events often throw his logic off track. LOL.

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  1. Well… Yinla is a go getter and i don’t blame her for looking out for herself.Life is funny today you are up next thing you are down so Yinla go get what you want put me on your fan list.

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    1. Thank you for visiting and commenting. Yes, she is, isn’t she? She is just being practical and find a way out for her own dilemma, although she probably sometimes feels a little bit of guilt in being inconsistent and wavering. LOL. That’s the price to pay.


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