Poem Of The Day #10

It happened without a cause;
it ended with little fuss.
No tears, no sulk, no whine,
but the heart ached quietly.

Not realizing the severity 
until long afterwards,
you try to mend, 
but it refuses to heal. 

Heart is a temperamental misfit,
a wayward friend, a silent killer.
Oh, the heartless heart,
how can I live with you?

I read Louisa’s post on Robert Browning and was inspired, though in a heartbroken direction.

26 thoughts on “Poem Of The Day #10

    1. Thank you and I can’t help gloating at your praise. LOL. And you are sooo right. Heart is a serial killer who never cease to kill and who’s always restless for the next target. 🀣🀣

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  1. Heart is a temperamental misfit… A silent killer! Wow… heart refuses what the mind already knows and then, makes us to live in the reality with regrets that we already knew it. How can we live with that?

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