Poem: Thursday

Poem Of The Day #51

Thursday is always disappointing--
close to weekend, but not yet there.
Friday's a delight after days of tear and wear 
but Thursday is just a nuisance 

I woke up at 6AM,
still drowsy, very groggy, 
but couldn't go back to sleep. 

The chatting birds were gone;
the temperature plunged to 20 degree;
February's brief spring was over.

Horrid morning news one after another:
Russian invasion of Ukraine--Why? How Come?
Global warming--more storms are arriving.
Inflation is out of control--price hikes everywhere.

There were phone calls to return, 
orders to place, review, and economize.
When the afternoon was almost over,
I felt that I had done nothing--
all trivial matters fill up the void.

I hate when time flies, 
but I want this Thursday to be over. 
Am I contradicting myself?

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