Poem Of The Day #3

It's the spring;
it's a spell;
something in the air.
The thought of you blooms.

Another decade, another April.
Time hurries away as if in haste.
But you're going nowhere.
Your shaved chin, your brisk walk, 
your shoulder bulging the shirt
is here forever in my wandering mind,
in my knotted brow, in my staring eyes,
in my bleeding heart. 


35 thoughts on “Poem Of The Day #3

  1. I had to re-follow your blog just now; this is like the 2nd time I had to manually re-follow. I think there was a previous time that the same thing happened,; I have no idea what the cause was but I am keeping an eye on it 👍😂

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      1. Right and it’s always around the time that we are about to blow-up — you and I are almost at 300, we can’t afford to lose even 1 😂.

        It’s like stacking dominoes to make a Tower and then something pulls one from the stack 🤣🤣

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        1. Thanks, I love your encouragement 💕😍; and I encourage you to do the same — you are very incredible .

          I was mainly joking about the issue in my original comment; I feel the cause is mainly due to things like minor mistakes and glitches and that with dedication and patience we will gradually get to our goals. But receiving encouragement and uplifting words every now and again, is the best hahaha

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  2. Whoa lovely lovely poem my friend 🤩🌺. Today may be April Fools but I know my eyes are not being tricked by your beautiful words and the free and elegant nature of your thoughts — so pleasant and very sweet haoyando 🙌⭐

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