Poem Of The Day: I Don’t Know

Image by Peter H from Pixabay

Poem Of The Day #49

She has a question about so and so,
and I'm answering as if I know.
But I really don't. 
Why? Why do I behave like a know-it-all?
Why can't I shake my head and let it go?

Just admit that I don't know since 
I often mistake 
bluff for courage,
brag for facts,
courtesy for sweetness,
belief for knowledge, 
dogma for strength, 
inflexibility for virtue.

Is it because she expects me to know?
I make an effort to be pleasant,
end up overdoing it. 
Growing up, 
I was trained to be agreeable on the outside, 
only to disagree more bitterly from the inside.

Why do I need her acknowledgement?
I don't know why. 

4 thoughts on “Poem Of The Day: I Don’t Know

    1. Yes, I mean approval from others is so ingrained in me that I have to stay away from certain people because I know I am going to fall into the psychological trap of trying to gain their approval. I was trained that way, but I have to fight back to protect myself.


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