New Word: Varying Degree Of Want

Image by Erin East from Pixabay

New Word #99: Varying Degree Of Want

cacoethes: the uncontrollable desire to do something not advisable. Usually people use indulge, pamper, pander, coddle, cater.

appetency: a natural inclination or a desire

covet: the yearning to have something

desiderium: a strong feeling of desire or loss

velleity: a desire which is not strong enough to make one act on it

vicarious: experiencing something through other people, for example a person who doesn’t dance herself but watch the dancing of other people

frisson: It means fear and desire at the same time, or excitement and being scared at the same time.

predilection, inclination, leaning, predisposition, proclivity, partiality, itch

  • These words all mean a preference or a bias.

pining, longing, yearning, craving, aching

  • These words all mean a strong desire

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