The Improbable Plot Line

I am not sure how the story goes, what he or she does, how he poses or how she clothes. Only a vague idea grows and grows. Things good or bad or hectic, with an unexpected Asian twist. Relationships possible, and even electric, but something is lacking--what is it? Imaginations so aimless, considerations endless, plot … Continue reading The Improbable Plot Line

Every Time I Drive By

Every time I drive pass Roosevelt Park, I think about forgetting you. In that long forgotten corner not far from the parking lot, the basketball courts, and the lake, we had our picnic. I forget exactly what I did and didn't do-- eating, chatting, sitting, walking, but what I really want to forget is your … Continue reading Every Time I Drive By

Monkey’s View On Equality

It is said that when scientists gave one monkey a grape in exchange for its pebble, and gave the second monkey a slice of cucumber for its pebble, it caused a little row. For monkeys, grapes taste better than cucumber slices. The second monkey, when observing the better deal the first monkey received, rebelled immediately … Continue reading Monkey’s View On Equality

The Other Three Or More

"The Descent Of Man And Other Stories" is as interesting as the previous short story collections I read of Wharton. Actually I like her short stories even better than her novels. Comparing her with other short story writers I like, for example, Alice Monroe, Everlyn Waugh, Issac Babel, John Cheever... Why do I want to … Continue reading The Other Three Or More

Barbarian Or Not Barbarian

I think the word "barbarian" in "Barbarians of The Steppes" is used to entice the audience rather than to be derogatory. Actually people use it so randomly and so carelessly that rarely anybody has faith in it anymore. Whenever somebody is called a barbarian, one begins to think that this person may just be exotic … Continue reading Barbarian Or Not Barbarian

Reading “The Art of Writing and the Gifts of Writers”

I chose to listen to this book because I like the "The Screwtape Letters" by C. S. Lewis very much. I like to know what he has to say about writing and writers. However I haven't got any useful tips for my own problems in writing. I guess everybody has his own problem and he … Continue reading Reading “The Art of Writing and the Gifts of Writers”

Don’t Know How To Argue

After finishing the book, "Argumentation: The Study of Effective Reasoning", I still don't know how to argue. The problem is that I enjoy neither winning nor losing, and will not be happy either way. Another problem is that I often sidestep my track or lose my temper or become frustrated along the way. The book … Continue reading Don’t Know How To Argue

Agree or Disagree (continued)

It is not just a simple question of standing up for one's own opinion, of having a liberal leaning or a conservative one, of caving in to peer pressure and group mentality. It's not as simple as that. The usual conceptions, easy delineations, well accepted categorizations are as helpful as they are damaging in our … Continue reading Agree or Disagree (continued)

About “In Xanadu”

It should have five stars, but most people only gave this book four stars. The reason is not difficult to guess--it's a bit heavy on rarely used terms to describe ancient ruins and garments of unfamiliar people. If it is not for the author's exceptional skills in writing, such a lengthy description of Middle East … Continue reading About “In Xanadu”