The Rainstorm

The clouds gather; the sun dims its glare, only to increase the stifling heat. Even before the sky darkens, one knows something is coming--a storm, a hail, a gust, or even a tornado--anything that kills the humidity, whatever the contingent damage. Please come, please come. I yearn for it. It has been a hot humid … Continue reading The Rainstorm


I am not afraid of awkwardness. Very often, awkwardness makes me alert, piques my interest, perks me up for explanation. Yet I hate our awkward conversation that day. "They don't look alike." "Well, if you have met those in between them, you'll understand they belong to one family." "I have another question for you ..." … Continue reading Awkward

Old Habit

It took me all the perseverance I can muster to finish the book "The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath". Pages after pages of mundane descriptions. However years of education has trained me to finish whatever I've started, which in light of all the real life events I have experienced so far is the worst habit … Continue reading Old Habit


Why is it called 'fireworks', not 'firespectacle' or 'firefestival'? One can't reason with English. Fireworks seems to be a word more appropriate for a stove fire to cook meals or a furnace fire for porcelain—fire is called upon to work to produce products just like the way humans are employed. Of course you can say … Continue reading Fireworks