Arugula And Toona

Now whenever I think of going to the grocery store, I think of Trader Joe’s. Not Shoprite, not Audi, not Costco, not HMart, not 99 Ranch, not Kam Man. And not even Wegman’s, which used to be my favorite. I don’t look into the ingredient panel to weed out all the things with emulsifiers, sorbate, phosphate, carrageenan. I am too much of a sloth to be so diligent. However I still like good quality stuff with reasonable price.

Trader Joe’s arugula is great. I often said arugula tastes like the toona paste from Asia, but my friends have ridiculed me often on this comparison. Probably my palate is warped in some way. Or probably taste is in the tongue of the taster. I like to do scrambled egg with arugula, which is similar in taste to the egg with toona paste, in my opinion. Now laugh at me if you think they are different.

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