From A Text Message

My friend sent me a text message that the resigned Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is suffering from colitis, the same chronic illness I've been dealing with for more than ten years. None of my friends understand this malady of mine. Whenever I tell them that I have to observe strict diet and can't touch … Continue reading From A Text Message


Whenever I chat with Amazon or WordPress for assistance of one kind or another, I receive an email afterwards to ask me to evaluate my experience. I hate evaluations in general, and also in principle--giving or receiving--but I know evaluation is necessary for a functional business or society. Surely without holding ourselves to a standard, … Continue reading Evaluations

The Unbearable Software is the most beloved and most generous organization that has ever existed, but there's a catch and it's in the form of the software "Adobe Digital Editions" (ADE) that one has to deploy in order to read those borrowed books. One can't have one without having the other and ADE is the perfect evil … Continue reading The Unbearable Software

Noodles and Salt and Vinegar

My friend L once said that sometimes you wake up in the morning with a craving for ramen noodles, the kind with a dangerously high level of salt, combined with the flavor of scallion and dried seaweed. I've never had such an urge like L, who's so good at cooking that she could serve as … Continue reading Noodles and Salt and Vinegar

Another Misunderstanding

"Understanding Japan" starts slow but getting more interesting as it progresses towards the modern era. I have always been interested in Japan but haven't read books about it--so much for my interest. I hope you don't see me as a fraud. The people who are really into Japan would learn the Japanese language, immersed in … Continue reading Another Misunderstanding

Nowhere and Anywhere

Even the north pole is 38 degrees Celsius. That's 95 Fahrenheit or higher? Why bother, nobody I know is living there. It's the online Asian news, telling you disasters here, there, everywhere. Polar bear is starving, permafrost on fire, igniting a forest with flame raging, from the melting ice, new islands emerging, an arctic competition … Continue reading Nowhere and Anywhere