Dream Come True

That's impossible to achieve, I know, 
but I'd like him to try to reach that goal.
When he has something useful to do,   
idleness and mischief he won't have time to pursue.
Play psychological game with her son.
She thinks it is smart and fun. 
How about something achievable, 
make a plan and do something to show he's capable.
I said, 
but I know that's something I shouldn't have said.
She laughed, kindly and condescendingly.
You don't have dreams.
You don't have kids. 
If it is that real, it won't be called dreams.
Who's going to be motivated by something 
he can handle easily?
Remember the line:
shooting for the moon and ending up with stars?
I was not convinced but I feigned my agreement. 
She has her points, but she has her faults too. 
What if he is depressed by his failure?
What if he shoots for the moon and 
ends up an unhappy drunkard. 
I can't say that to her. I just can't. 

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