Help Desk

My fire tablet has been behaving strangely. One morning, the time was wrong and couldn't be reset manually. I checked online and somebody said that it's because of the synchronization error between the tablet and the wifi router. I didn't even know there's any communication between the tablet and the wifi beyond the internet connection. … Continue reading Help Desk

Turtle Or Sloth

Sloth or turtle? I ask myself. Probably turtle, since sloths only exist in South America, not Asia. Turtles are a different story--they are everywhere. I will call myself a turtle then, though I still need to become more patient to be worthy of the name. Turtle is my grandma's favorite animal. Not that she kept … Continue reading Turtle Or Sloth

Only Five Minutes

It takes five minutes to get the soup to boil in the microwave--no stove for me until the weather cools. Five minutes. I have to stand there, staring blankly at nothing, counting each second while the machine whirred, the lighted interior fogging up, the bowl making familiar turnaround. It feels a long time, like those … Continue reading Only Five Minutes

A Girl In Aldi Grocery Store

I saw her again yesterday, the Asian girl in her dark Aldi shirt, her pretty round face with a perpetual frown, her aversion thinly veiled behind tepid greetings, her young limbs tired of the grocery routine. Her colleagues are more resigned and even good humored, but she is bitter. Her bitterness is conspicuous, but it's … Continue reading A Girl In Aldi Grocery Store

Altitude vs. Elevation

I don't know the difference between the word altitude and elevation when Edison Township's relation to the sea level is concerned. Probably altitude is too big a word for Edison, which poses only 39 feet above, about the height of a three story building, not enough to defend itself against an angry sea, but probably … Continue reading Altitude vs. Elevation

Great Trials Or Bad Trials

I only finished five of the lectures of "The Great Trials Of World History", but already I feel that most of these trials are bad trials, not great trials. I think the author did this deliberately and "great" means "famous" rather than "good". The trials of Socrates, Giordano Bruno, Thomas Moor are so bad that … Continue reading Great Trials Or Bad Trials

A Hot Sunday Morning

73F early morning-- sign of a hot Sunday. no rainstorm is forthcoming until the distant Wednesday. No plan to go out-- breathless under face cover, heatstroke when walk about. What has become of me? On a crowded ramshackle bus I used to travel 37C without air conditioning. Under the blazing subtropical sun I used to … Continue reading A Hot Sunday Morning

Awkward Awakening

My awkwardness at swimming awakened me to something I had not realized before, something blatantly obvious yet hiding in plain sight. I really can't swim, my limbs not coordinating, my movement either too much or not enough, my eyes not opening in water, my body more prone to sinking. I'm just too awkward to swim. … Continue reading Awkward Awakening

Pool Party

They were there before the opening, big shining truck or cute sedan lining the road. Each sitting in their car, waiting, staring, frowning. Suddenly the rusty door creaked open, sky blue water glowed. They were not wearing masks, not swimming, but standing about, talking, laughing on things interesting or boring. The way they hang out, … Continue reading Pool Party

Don’t Panic

Whenever I read something about certain symptoms of a disease, I feel that I have the disease, though with symptoms in a milder, less perceptible form. For example, stomach ailments, Alzheimer's, amnesia, anxiety, and many different kinds of phobias. I have them all. The only thing I am sure I don't have is skin cancer. … Continue reading Don’t Panic

The Rainstorm

The clouds gather; the sun dims its glare, only to increase the stifling heat. Even before the sky darkens, one knows something is coming--a storm, a hail, a gust, or even a tornado--anything that kills the humidity, whatever the contingent damage. Please come, please come. I yearn for it. It has been a hot humid … Continue reading The Rainstorm

Organize And Disorganize

One thing I've never learned to do is using a planner or an organizer. I tried, but using it is almost as difficult for me as counting in English. I think among all the things that an immigrant cannot learn easily, counting in one's second language claims the crown of all inabilities. Using an organizer … Continue reading Organize And Disorganize

Amazon Recommends

Amazon recommends me something at least once a day in my email; it sends me advertisements disguised as login screen on my Kindle Fire. But I've never bought anything through its recommendations. Not that I'm impervious to marketing campaigns. Also I am not devoid of common human weaknesses which are usually cleverly explored by ads. … Continue reading Amazon Recommends