What A Joke

It's so hot that I just have to have a popsicle, which is probably fit for retirement in the realm of frozen treats. I can't remember when I bought it--probably three months ago or even longer. However eating expired food or taking expired pills has never been a problem for me. How wasteful it is … Continue reading What A Joke

So Hot

So hot, no trip to stores, groans about daily chores. Prays for rains, even if it pours. No stove top cooking for days. Any fire is painful to gaze. Microwaved dishes amaze. The cool artificial air, modern men's welfare, as indispensable as dental care. But I dream of the old bamboo mat, patterned and flat, … Continue reading So Hot

Help Desk

My fire tablet has been behaving strangely. One morning, the time was wrong and couldn't be reset manually. I checked online and somebody said that it's because of the synchronization error between the tablet and the wifi router. I didn't even know there's any communication between the tablet and the wifi beyond the internet connection. … Continue reading Help Desk


I didn't know the word "coagulation" before my plan of making tofu myself. I could have encountered it in a description of a blood clot, but no, I haven't. I am not very interested in books with gory details and probably that's why I've missed a whole pile of words concerning the behavior of blood. … Continue reading Coagulation


“The Winslow Case” is the best of the three, better than “The Browning Version” or “The Deep Blue Sea”, not only due to its optimistic ending, but also owing to the fact that it has more twists in the plot, more hope in its characters no matter how vague, and more cheerful furniture in the … Continue reading Impasses

The Rainstorm

The darkened sky, the roaring thunder. The rainstorm follows and raindrops fly. When can I come up with something, I wonder? My fingers are tired of waiting without typing, my eyes weary of staring without seeing a line. Blame my life, too sheltered too cozy without yearning. Blame the weather, too hot too humid for … Continue reading The Rainstorm

Pool Party

They were there before the opening, big shining truck or cute sedan lining the road. Each sitting in their car, waiting, staring, frowning. Suddenly the rusty door creaked open, sky blue water glowed. They were not wearing masks, not swimming, but standing about, talking, laughing on things interesting or boring. The way they hang out, … Continue reading Pool Party

Morning Rhyme

Wake up at six, but dawn is gone, changing lights no more, and twittering birds done. The bright summer sun, clothed in morning gown, mocks me, "too late, no twilight for you; and 'gone', 'done', 'gown' don't rhyme; you have no ear for vowels."