There are so much more fireworks this year and my friend even called me about it. How would I know? Probably more fireworks are manufactured and sold this year? People become more willing to display fireworks? A more likely scenario is–the law about fireworks has been changed.

Several days ago, when driving along Route 18 South, I noticed a big tent with a big sign “Fireworks” at the top. My friend said he thought it’s illegal to sell fireworks in New Jersey, and I said I heard of stories that people who drove all the way to the state border with Pennsylvania to buy firecrackers. So the law must have been changed, without people like us knowing about it.

I remember when I was young, fireworks would be so loud for so long–often the entire evening and often extending to the wee hours–during holidays. Watching TV was impossible since one could hardly hear anything other than the sound of explosion outside. One guy burned his hands, another hurt his eyes, and there are even horror stories of big fire and long hospital stays. Despite the firework related tragedies, people still believe in the myth that fireworks can fend off evil spirit and help one live a better life. If fireworks really have such presumed power, it is suitable to have more of it this year, given what have happened.

One of my friends said to me that he thinks the world is coming to an end and I should be prepared. What does he mean? He makes me laugh. If we are really coming to an end, what can we do to prepare for such a dismal eventuality? Nothing. Let me think. Probably I would call or email that guy that I’ve thought about for such a long time that I regret things didn’t work out in a better way. On second thought, why do I want to do that? It will only make me feel embarrassed and make him more conceited. Well on third thought, how should I express myself more tactfully.

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