Too Much Distancing

My friend's refrigerator died just when the refrigerator is most needed in this 90 degree (Fahrenheit not Celsius) weather. Not completely dead. Just the freezer part. He blames his bad luck, considers the manufacture unreliable, and opts to buy a new one of a different brand instead of calling for a repair man. At the … Continue reading Too Much Distancing

Alternative Interpretation

There's always at least one alternative interpretation to events and stories of a philosophy book or a psychology book. I mean a book like "Emotional Intelligence". I wonder what will happen if the author change his angle a little bit and add the cultural and ethnic differences in his interpretation of emotional intelligence. For example, … Continue reading Alternative Interpretation

Incomprehensible Paradise

I am completely lost. I don't know what "Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained" is talking about. Is there even a plot for this long endless poem? I bought this book because it is on sale at Audible. Time and again, such a preference for discount has led to my not liking or even understanding a … Continue reading Incomprehensible Paradise

My Favorite

"The Philanderer" is the best play from Shaw that I've ever read, as good as "Man of Destiny", better than "Mrs Warren's Profession", Arms and The Man, You Never Can Tell, The Devil's Disciple, Caesar and Cleopatra, Man and Superman, Don Juan in Hell, Major Barbara, Pygmalion, Heartbreak House, The Apple Cart, The Millionairess. I … Continue reading My Favorite

The Other Three Or More

"The Descent Of Man And Other Stories" is as interesting as the previous short story collections I read of Wharton. Actually I like her short stories even better than her novels. Comparing her with other short story writers I like, for example, Alice Monroe, Everlyn Waugh, Issac Babel, John Cheever... Why do I want to … Continue reading The Other Three Or More

Exercise Or Not Exercise

A sloth doesn't want to exercise when she doesn't have to, but as time goes by, the sloth wants to be a healthy sloth. So she starts to exercise, in addition to buying grocery at Trader Joe's, reducing nocturnal activities, reconciling to the fact that not every book is worth to be read cover to … Continue reading Exercise Or Not Exercise

The Views Of The Beholders

What is Juneteenth? What did Thomas Jefferson and George Washington do--I mean what did they do other than being a proper founding father? Now suddenly there come new terms to be learned from the news, new facts about famous figures to be revealed to ignorant people like me. History seems no longer a boring dogmatic … Continue reading The Views Of The Beholders

Perspectives Old And New

The recent protests have brought me perspectives that I really haven't thought much about before. I've read something about Christopher Columbus in "The Half Has Never Been Told", but the book is written in a less entertaining way than what I prefer that I only have a very vague memory of what it says. Learning … Continue reading Perspectives Old And New

The Descent Of Memory

“A serious piece of work—the expression of your convictions. I tell you there’s nothing the public likes as much as convictions—they’ll always follow a man who believes in his own ideas." I highlighted it but I have no recollection of it. Actually I read half of "The Descent of Man" already--when did I do that?--but … Continue reading The Descent Of Memory

Crucial Exploration

I thought it would be more suitably titled "Crucial Exploration" rather than "Crucial Instances". I like everything Wharton wrote, almost indiscriminately, even if when she's exploring different possibilities with her writing in her "Crucial Instances". Some people say "Crucial Instances" are better than her first short story collection "The Greater Inclination", but I have no … Continue reading Crucial Exploration

Hero Or Villain

I watched the movie by Oliver Stone, but the movie only piqued my interest to know more about Snowden. "Permanent Record" is the answer. It's a passive narration without much attention for interesting details or humor. I'm surprised that I have been fully engaged in listening from the beginning to the end. The last three … Continue reading Hero Or Villain