Years ago I first encountered turmeric when I grew an abscess about the size of a half ping pong ball. It's all because of napa cabbage, my favorite. In the northern part of Asia where I grew up, napa cabbage has been something we eat frequently, the only vegetable abundantly available during the winter time … Continue reading Turmeric

Alternative Views

HBO suddenly descends on me for free and I wonder why? To take full advantage of it, I watched "Curb Your Enthusiasm" day and night, nonstop, neglecting all other daily activities. Other than comparing it with "Seinfeld", other than enjoying Sussie's combative language, other than admiring Larry David's way of describing the life as he … Continue reading Alternative Views


While walking around the neighborhood as a form of unqualified exercise yesterday, I saw a boy of about ten to twelve years of age cutting hair for his father. They do look alike, or is it my imagination, and I assumed they are father and son. The boy looked rather skilled and showed remarkable composure. … Continue reading Haircut


When will everything go back to normal? Don't tell me that's never going to happen. I don't want reasonable skepticism no matter how healthy that is. I want hopes, illusions, and delusional optimism. Escapism is desperately needed for this trying time. Too bad that I've already passed the age of mad absorption in a book … Continue reading Escapism

No Excuses

My interest in the book, "No Excuses: Existentialism And The Meaning Of Life", stems from my fascination with the philosophical feud between Camus and Sartre. Can rebels rebel without violence? Or is violence avoidable if rebels want to achieve their goal? Can freedom and justice coexist peacefully? Is absolute freedom something against freedom? Is absolute … Continue reading No Excuses

A Walk

A long walk in the neighborhood, mask being a nuisance. Can't breathe under the plastic like fabric; can't even smile. When eyes are the only part revealed, they gain unnecessary alert and lost their shine. Empty streets, closed stories, wary masked figures. When will this endless torment end? Hope, doubt, uncertainty, part of routine anxiety. … Continue reading A Walk