Poster At Time Square

"W's painting was made into a poster displayed at Time Square this week." My friend told me excitedly. W is a relative of my friend who has been a wandering artist for years. Not that he has a preference for perambulation, but rather he's wandering between feeding himself and starving himself, between hope and despair, … Continue reading Poster At Time Square

The Figurative Mountain

The figurative mountain exists in the book "Three Tigers, One Mountain", which is obviously referring to the East Asia. How about adding Russia as another tiger to the tree since the Russians have fought Japanese in many battles, on land and on high seas, for more than one hundred years. How about throwing Mongolia to … Continue reading The Figurative Mountain

Alternative Views

HBO suddenly descends on me for free and I wonder why? To take full advantage of it, I watched "Curb Your Enthusiasm" day and night, nonstop, neglecting all other daily activities. Other than comparing it with "Seinfeld", other than enjoying Sussie's combative language, other than admiring Larry David's way of describing the life as he … Continue reading Alternative Views

All Those Unknown Battles

This book, "The Decisive Battles of World History" is almost a sequel to "History's Great Military Blunders and the Lessons They Teach". When I finished one, I have to finish the other. I have to say I like this one even better. The inclusion of Japanese Russian Japanese conflicts (Battle of Tsushima, Battles of Khalkhin … Continue reading All Those Unknown Battles

No Excuses

My interest in the book, "No Excuses: Existentialism And The Meaning Of Life", stems from my fascination with the philosophical feud between Camus and Sartre. Can rebels rebel without violence? Or is violence avoidable if rebels want to achieve their goal? Can freedom and justice coexist peacefully? Is absolute freedom something against freedom? Is absolute … Continue reading No Excuses

A Walk

A long walk in the neighborhood, mask being a nuisance. Can't breathe under the plastic like fabric; can't even smile. When eyes are the only part revealed, they gain unnecessary alert and lost their shine. Empty streets, closed stories, wary masked figures. When will this endless torment end? Hope, doubt, uncertainty, part of routine anxiety. … Continue reading A Walk

Theory and Practice

How much do political practices follow political theories? A skeptic's view on "The Modern Political Tradition". This is the best among the "Great Courses" series that I've listened to in the past several years, although I didn't really get the audible book for this one, but rather the Amazon video. Professor Cahoone has made distinctive … Continue reading Theory and Practice

Something I Should Have Done Long Ago

I should have read "Full Dark, No Stars" long time ago. I know I would have liked it ten years ago. However I encounter Stephen King too late, long after I've lost interest in extraordinary circumstances and gory details. Now I am more into uneventful bantering and boring routine of life. I remember as a … Continue reading Something I Should Have Done Long Ago