Turmeric (Continued)

I’ve tried many different ways to eat turmeric, but so far without any success. I suspect that the only good way of eating it is to make curry first and cook a pot of curry chicken. I envy my Indian American neighbors who have the habit of eating curry frequently and receiving the health benefit of turmeric without even making a conscious effort.

I’ve tried to add one or two spoons of turmeric to juices I drink, but I can’t bear the taste of it; I’ve tried DIY drinks with turmeric, ginger, lemon juices, sweetener, but the taste is awful. Somehow I felt that the drink made of ginger, lemon, and sweetener should be refreshingly tasty, but turmeric is the spoiler. The unpalatable taste of it cannot be masked by any amount of palatable ingredients. It’s hopeless.

Once I adventured to add turmeric to soy milk and I had to throw a whole cup of perfectly good soy milk away since the mixture tastes weird. Once I tried to make turmeric pills with gelatin capsules ordered from Amazon, but turmeric stained my utensils and my table top. Later on I found yellow stains on the carpet and on the kitchen counter that no amount of rubbing alcohol or cleaning detergents could rub off.

There’s an ancient adage that the best medicine tends to taste bad, which I don’t think is true. Taste has no correlation with the medicinal effect at all–some taste good and good for your health, some taste bad and good for your health. The correlation only happens in the human mind, which tries incessantly to categorize, match up, compare, associate what’s around us.

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