Wellness Anxiety

I reordered three bottles of "Wellness Formula", less for the real purpose of wellness improvement and more for alleviating my wellness anxiety. In the era of face masks and virus scare, anything that is remotely related with increased immunity is a comfort to possess. They came in much smaller bottles than I anticipated. I bought … Continue reading Wellness Anxiety

One Tablespoon Too Much

One tablespoon too much and everything is ruined. Now I look at the oyster sauce, the innocent looking perpetrator, and imagine an ideal world where everything is reversible--including the cooking process--and nothing regrettable needs to be regretted. The problem is that in order to save time, I made a big batch of it. The shear … Continue reading One Tablespoon Too Much

Barbarian Or Not Barbarian

I think the word "barbarian" in "Barbarians of The Steppes" is used to entice the audience rather than to be derogatory. Actually people use it so randomly and so carelessly that rarely anybody has faith in it anymore. Whenever somebody is called a barbarian, one begins to think that this person may just be exotic … Continue reading Barbarian Or Not Barbarian

Reading “The Rebel”

I've been trying to read this book forever, but now with the intention of reading "The Plague"--so fitting during the current pandemic--I am forcing myself to understand the rebellious morality first before proceeding to the infected town and its philosophical consequence. The problem is that Camus' book has a lot of references on figures of … Continue reading Reading “The Rebel”

Where Is It

I thought about something-- an idiosyncrasy, a trait observed through a common behavior, something universal yet with an Asian twist. How wonderful. I was cooking and I didn't write it down, trusting my memory, disregarding my usual forgetfulness. Despite numerous evidence to the contrary, I still believe in my ability, especially in the realm of … Continue reading Where Is It

Finishing “My Life in Middlemarch”

I found this book much more interesting than "Middlemarch", George Eliot's life more exhilarating and gratifying than the characters she created, for example Dorothea, the description of the relationship between Eliot and George Henry Lewes more interesting than most of the relationships described in novels--I mean many novels including "Middlemarch". Although I read it long … Continue reading Finishing “My Life in Middlemarch”

Finishing “In Defense of Women”

"In Defense of Men" should be the more apt title since throughout the book men are described as being defenseless in face of the scheming women in almost everything and especially in marriage. I don't believe a word of it and I can hardly believe that Mencken believed in what he was writing. The book … Continue reading Finishing “In Defense of Women”

Finishing “Choose Your Own Autobiography”

I should stop buying things just because they are on sale. I should, but I won't. This book appears in my audible library and at first I thought it's an easy read. However, I've never watched "How I met Your Mother" and have never watched anything that's mentioned in the book except "Titanic", in which … Continue reading Finishing “Choose Your Own Autobiography”

Reading “My Life in Middlemarch”

It's like a book review runs amok, extending from the convention of a mere essay of several pages to an entire book of 293 pages. I bought this book due to its title and the brief description in amazon website. I never really like "Middlemarch", and I am very interested to see how and why … Continue reading Reading “My Life in Middlemarch”

Face Mask

Suddenly people are all wearing masks in stores and even in parks--something that was not considered advisable for more than a month is becoming advisable now. I don't know what's the underlying reasoning for wearing mask now, for not wearing masks before, for the change of direction. The news have been continuously depressing. It's more … Continue reading Face Mask


Longer lines outside of the stores; More masked face with wary looks; No more toilet papers, rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizers; A friend talking over the phone-- but he's not interested in conversing. He's not into anybody or anything, not even himself. Enjoying sanctioned pleasures, he feels superior; not enjoying unsanctioned pleasures, he feels even more … Continue reading Apparition

Reading “Slouching Towards Bethlehem”

The title must mean something. Something biblical? I have no idea. I didn't know how it ends up in my audible library, when I bought it, why I bought it. I guess it was on sale during one of the previous holiday seasons and I bought several in one shot. The incomprehensible title, the discount, … Continue reading Reading “Slouching Towards Bethlehem”