The headache came last night and wouldn't go away even now, 24 hours later. Since headache is one of the symptoms of the new virus, I naturally suspect that I might have got it. Actually, a random cough here and there, an occasional sneeze, or even the gurgling sound from the stomach can alert the … Continue reading Headache

At Dawn

Getting up at six o'clock, one can enjoy the twilight for almost an hour, from the early darkness with a diffusion of light almost purple-ish to nearly seven o'clock when the morning light, obscured by thick clouds, arrives reluctantly. Turning on the light will spoil the natural grey mixture of light and shadow; not turning … Continue reading At Dawn


Route 27 is almost empty at 10AM. More than one of my friends detest this road, especially this section of the road in Edison--congestion at every crossroad, cars going in and out of the plazas and strip malls, double yellow line disregarded for good reasons. More than one suffered an accident or narrowly escaped one. … Continue reading Empty