Finishing “Choose Your Own Autobiography”

I should stop buying things just because they are on sale. I should, but I won’t. This book appears in my audible library and at first I thought it’s an easy read. However, I’ve never watched “How I met Your Mother” and have never watched anything that’s mentioned in the book except “Titanic”, in which I can’t recall the role the author played. Reading this book feels like sitting in a college classroom without understanding much of the class because one hasn’t got accustomed to American English despite the fact that one has learned English as a second language for decades. However years of bewildering experiences have taught me one thing: when totally lost, continue as if I know what’s going on despite not knowing what’s going on. I’ve read books from other comedians before, “Girl Logic: The Genius and the Absurdity”, ” Girl Walks into a Bar”, “The Awkward Thoughts of W. Kamau Bell”, “I Can’t Make This Up: Life Lessons” and have absolutely no problem at all to follow the train of thoughts and the struggles, comedic or otherwise, of the authors even though I’d never watched any of the standups or other comedic products mentioned in those books before. Such comprehension only makes me complacent–I think I can understand every autobiography without background information. This book tells me that I’m terribly wrong.

I guess this is because the book is deliberately written for those people who have already known the author, watched his shows. I guess this is also because the format of the book is rather unique–using “you” rather than using “I” as the narrator–and I am rather slow in learning new things and even slower in liking them. I guess this may also come from the fact that the author has a lively way in his presentation. In different places, the author claims he is straight, gay, pretending to be gay, having girlfriends, having boyfriends, which confuses me. Despite the confusion, I admire his vivacity and his various skills.

Finally, at the last two hours of the book, I began to feel more comfortable with the content since it is about his private life, about how gay couples trying to have kids, with a complicated biological connection all mapped out, about his meeting other gay couples with kids. I wish it is more about people’s characters, quirkiness, habits, hobbies etc. Instead it is more about meeting other celebrities. Still, it is very lively towards the end. So it is a good thing that I continued with the book despite an inauspicious beginning.

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