A Nearby Park

A surprise discovery of a nearby park today--no need to drive to the wooded area near Menlo Park Mall, or to the walking trails near Rutgers University. The real distance between this park and where I live is only 1500 feet, but there's no direct road possible. I have to walk the opposite direction, pass … Continue reading A Nearby Park

I Wonder

I wonder where you are, in Woodbridge, Red Bank, Edison? I hope you are healthy, in the era of spreading virus and frayed nerves. I hope you never grow old, and in my mind you never will. Woodbridge is in the news, with mounting infection. You don’t live there anymore, I pray. Wherever you are, … Continue reading I Wonder


Somehow I can’t concentrate today, for unknown reasons. Reading “In Defense Women”, no concentration; reading “Emma”, without going forward for several pages; writing is equally without progress. Feeling my own weakness and lack of improvement, but still dreaming of improvement. Reasoning cannot deter a person’s unreasonable thoughts about herself, me being the best example of … Continue reading Uncertainty