Reading “Ego Is the Enemy”

It should be named "Ego Is Both the Friend and the Enemy". The story of Howard Hughes is very interesting--the worst businessman ever who is famed for losing money in every business adventure he's involved in, lol. Although I don't know much about all these prominent figures, I somehow watched "The Aviator", probably dragged to … Continue reading Reading “Ego Is the Enemy”

Rereading “S & S”

I've read this book long time ago, but can't remember much about it; I've watched the movie a long time ago, with Ang Lee as the director, but can't remember anything except Hugh Grant as Edward--a great portrayal of the role, exactly as what Jane Austen had portrayed him. Emma Thompson played Elinor, who's a … Continue reading Rereading “S & S”

Love and Hate of Cooking

Cooking has become a part of my daily entertainment since the virus locked down began. I've had a love hate relationship to cooking all my life, starting from the day when I heard my mom complaining about the responsibility of cooking. That was a sunny day and we were about to have lunch. I pointed … Continue reading Love and Hate of Cooking

Reading “The 48 Laws of Power”

I bought this book on sale from Audible and thought that it should be named, "The 48 Laws of Wicked Power". Intelligence is used for manipulation, kindness for popularity, generosity for future advantage, agreeableness for influence. It's a bit too depressing to read. I can just imagine anybody who practices these 48 laws will soon … Continue reading Reading “The 48 Laws of Power”


Somehow I can’t concentrate today, for unknown reasons. Reading “In Defense Women”, no concentration; reading “Emma”, without going forward for several pages; writing is equally without progress. Feeling my own weakness and lack of improvement, but still dreaming of improvement. Reasoning cannot deter a person’s unreasonable thoughts about herself, me being the best example of … Continue reading Uncertainty

Reading “In Defense of Women”

I select this book purely for its name, the kind of judging a book by its cover, which I confess that I've always practiced even if I hate myself doing that. Mencken is mostly jesting and never being serious. So some of the negative reviews are really taking him too seriously, which he had no … Continue reading Reading “In Defense of Women”

Reading “1876”

I've read "Burr" and so I think reading this sequel is inevitable. Since I am not so familiar with the early history of the States, I don't quite know which characters are fictional and which characters are historical figures. The same for the book "Burr". Is Charles Schermerhorn Schuyler a real historical figure? It really … Continue reading Reading “1876”

Love Revisited

The building was still there, dark exterior of glass panels, reflecting the blue sky with floating clouds, its weathered uneven face spoiling the effect intended. Still, its silent sturdiness, its presence is a statement--I'm here to stay. It's where we met, where unspoken messages sent, through burning eyes; where sentiments alluded through unsentimental marketing strategies. … Continue reading Love Revisited

At the Mall–Empty Due to Virus Scare

Menlo Park Mall was quite empty in the evening, compared to its usual state of bustling liveliness. No doubt it's caused by the fear of the new coronavirus, the figure of which climbed to 23 of confirmed cases in New Jersey, according to the hanging flat screen at the dry cleaner. The children's play area … Continue reading At the Mall–Empty Due to Virus Scare

Reading “The Art of Writing and the Gifts of Writers”

I chose to listen to this book because I like the "The Screwtape Letters" by C. S. Lewis very much. I like to know what he has to say about writing and writers. However I haven't got any useful tips for my own problems in writing. I guess everybody has his own problem and he … Continue reading Reading “The Art of Writing and the Gifts of Writers”


I am not afraid of awkwardness. Very often, awkwardness makes me alert, piques my interest, perks me up for explanation. Yet I hate our awkward conversation that day. "They don't look alike." "Well, if you have met those in between them, you'll understand they belong to one family." "I have another question for you ..." … Continue reading Awkward

Reading “Even The Stars Look Lonesome”

I really enjoy this book. The prose is deliberately poetic, but with none of those affected erudition that's hard to understand. From its deliberate simplicity, wisdom and wit are conveyed. I don't think she meant to be funny but there are many humorous places--the marriage to end all marriages, abstract figures that only their labor … Continue reading Reading “Even The Stars Look Lonesome”

Reread “Mansfield Park”

It's another round of Jane Austen for me. After finishing "P&P", "Persuasion", I am proceeding to "Mansfield Park" and "Emma". I don't think I would go so far to "S & S" and "Northanger Abbey" and "Lady Susan". I draw a line here. I can't help comparing "Mansfield Park" to "Dreams of Red Chamber" since … Continue reading Reread “Mansfield Park”

It’s You Again

I review your websitewith changes once in a while;I follow your LinkedIn account,short of clicking on “connect”.I watched the YouTube videos ofthe Chamber of Commerce luncheon,and the early spring township parade.I download the PDF file with you in it,standing right next to somebody, smiling,or wearing a straw hat in the local primary schoolwith kids all … Continue reading It’s You Again

A Sloth Girl’s Love

Long ago, a morning or an afternoon,exact time forgotten,I was walking towards the auditorium,with several others,along the narrow hallway, that lined withoffices on one side, and administrative cubicles on the other.I don’t know why I turned around, but I did.There you were, at the end of the hallway,your arm resting on the raised desk of … Continue reading A Sloth Girl’s Love

“The Korean War” by Bruce Cuming

After reading "In the Ruins of Empire", my curiosity of Korean War just gets more intense. There are several books to choose from and I hesitated between this one and "The Coldest Winter", which I have it in my kindle library for quite a while but haven't had the time to read. Listening will be … Continue reading “The Korean War” by Bruce Cuming

The Sloth Girl

I accidently saw a Fran Lebowitz video on youtube, in which she talked about her sloth like habit and her indolence. I feel like sloth too, for example, today. Other than reading books, I am motivated to do nothing at all. There are quite a lot of things to do—laundry, checkbook balancing, vacuuming, shopping for … Continue reading The Sloth Girl

Reread “Persuasion”

The book ruined my weekend. I couldn’t put it down before finishing it and ended up spending Saturday and a large portion of Sunday reading through it.I don't know how many times I've read this book, but reading it again enables me to find something new. The narratives are accurate, persuasive, eloquent, and witty. The … Continue reading Reread “Persuasion”