Rereading “S & S”

I’ve read this book long time ago, but can’t remember much about it; I’ve watched the movie a long time ago, with Ang Lee as the director, but can’t remember anything except Hugh Grant as Edward–a great portrayal of the role, exactly as what Jane Austen had portrayed him. Emma Thompson played Elinor, who’s a bit too mild for a full display of Thompson’s talent.

Although the relationship between Marianne and John Willoughby is not favored by the author, I have to say I have observed such young lovers many times before in my own life. They were a little too showy, too ostensibly passionate, too absorbed in each other to make people around them comfortable. They broke up soon afterwards and both went separate ways, growing into sensible and conservative adults with no trace of their past image of passionate lovers. It’s just a phase. Austen wouldn’t understand the concept of “phase”. Her book is all about manners and the “phase” is obviously a deviation from the correct manner and is almost begging for proper censure from the author.

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