Flu or Not Flu

There’s an ache in my throat, sometime better–usually in the morning, sometime worse–usually at night. I thought it would go away but it has lingered, for three days now. A mild form of the most feared coronavirus that is widespread? Who knows. It’s so much like a common flu and it’s so mild that I don’t even feel its existence most of the time. Right now it is 7PM and it’s gone. However probably at midnight it would emerge. How weird. Next year, I will definitely get my flu shot, which I haven’t bothered to do for the last ten years.

Though I don’t believe the seriousness of the spread of the virus and consider the news too sensational to be trusted, I’ve avoided going to restaurants, movies, meetings of any sort. If shopping is a must, it’s done in the early morning when the stores are mostly empty. Somehow I wonder what I would do if I have to take subway for work? I mean people can avoid taking airplane for vacations or taking cruises. That’s not a difficult decision. However if you have to take subway to work every day, you will have to do it no matter what.

The cashiers in HMart and 99 Ranch Market have stopped wearing masks. They did it for several weeks and then they stopped. Sometimes I think about buying masks, but where to buy? It’s not that I can just go in a shop and ask where I can find masks to buy. If I do that, people would automatically think I’m sick, which I am not.  

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