At the Mall–Empty Due to Virus Scare

Menlo Park Mall was quite empty in the evening, compared to its usual state of bustling liveliness. No doubt it’s caused by the fear of the new coronavirus, the figure of which climbed to 23 of confirmed cases in New Jersey, according to the hanging flat screen at the dry cleaner. The children’s play area right outside of Nordstrom store was deserted. They were all gone–all the excited little voices, all the little feet running and thumping on the plastic floor, all the bored parents staring at their cell phone waiting by their stroller. The popular Uniqlo was empty, except for friendly shop assistants. I am always amazed at its popularity since its clothes are rather shapeless, curve-less, ageless. Zara was empty too. The food court had only five tables being occupied. However there’s a line in front of Chick-fil-A, about eight people waiting for their friend chicken meal. No matter how scared people are of the new virus, they still want to stand in line–within six inches of each other–for their fried chicken. Some real lovers of food–risking their lives for the food they love.

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