Melancholy  remembrance
of a good time, too short, too transient, 
too weak to stand the cruelty of the passing time;
of a bad time, too bad, too persisting,
too lasting that even time cannot wipe away.

Why did you talk as if you were answering questions?
Why the strained look on your face as if
you were a student preparing for a dreadful test?
All those mistaken views you have about me.
Blame the prevalence of stereotypes.
Blame the way we were brought up, 
having to negotiate between 
what we desire, what is allowed, and what is appropriate.
We are separated by our perceived image of each other.

Silence suddenly assumes mysterious meanings.
Actually not only silence,
misunderstanding, misperception, 
things we vaguely feel but don't know how to express 
all come up to declare their presence, display their significance 

One thought on “Remembrance

  1. The memory
    does not stop
    the being

    in our own
    the presence
    as an event
    the experience
    for ourselves

    the corrupt of the deed
    is not
    to make amends

    Ask someone else
    who has the duty
    to answer it
    this questioning is obscene

    to understand means to answer

    it takes
    from the entanglements
    of intimacy
    to tear off

    from a distance
    with formal attributes
    about functionality
    of following and leading
    on your own
    not on your feet
    from others
    to be able to stand

    the senso-motor skills
    in the body image of movement
    what we perceive
    or not

    the words
    Movement in action
    Movement cannot lie

    The silence
    as a prerequisite
    in zen

    of itself
    about meditation

    by a koan
    through guidance
    of the Zen master

    the emptiness
    the teaching
    through instruction
    to get

    is in countertransference
    in engagement
    into the emotional world

    the innermost
    of a human
    nobody goes
    to others

    the human being
    in the opposite
    must remain a secret to us

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