Am I Positive?

There’s a new drive-through virus testing place in Monmouth County opening up. I really want to know if I am one of those people who’s positive but without symptoms. Should I go? My friend said that I need to drink a large cup of hot tea to raise my temperature first before I can be allowed to be tested. It is plausible but doubtful that drinking hot beverages can make people feverish. Without a symptom, it is hard to justify my driving down there and queuing up for hours and taking away testing resources from people who need it more than I do.

I have to say I did have a sore throat for about 16 to 17 days in early March. It’s a weird sore throat, unlike all the cold and flu I have gone through before. It doesn’t go away easily; it doesn’t progress to running nose; it has no other symptoms. “It could be allergy.” My friend informed me through wechat–she lives in New York and has friends who are nurses and who text terrifying messages about the conditions of the hospitals there. Well, an allergy usually lasts longer than 16 days.

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