There’s a rumor that all the Asian grocery stores in the region are going to be shut–dwindling supplies, scared cashier quitting jobs, and probably the stress of keeping up with the cleaning of the aisles and the protection of the staff. Face masks are nowhere to be found for a while and it would be impossible to provide the mask for each employee. I don’t know what the reason is for the grocery store shut down, but I can imagine many. Actually my friend in Flushing, New York, said that the stores are shutting down in New York already and it looks like they are going to be shut in New Jersey soon.

Tomorrow I need to venture out to get my supply of rice, noddles, red beans, spices including soy sauce, white pepper, frozen edamame, and all the other essential items I can’t live without. My friend suggested buying a lot of dried mung beans, which could be thrown into a jar to grow bean sprouts if vegetables become as scarce as toilet papers. If the worst comes, I probably can survive on rice and red beans while waiting for the end. Well, most likely, before the end comes, I would have been bored to death already. My lifeless body will be lying next to a jar of homemade bean sprouts and a package of toilet paper I hoarded.

I am already bored staying at home most of the time. I have been shunning physical activities all my life and my work is sedentary. Going out has never had much attraction to me before, but now the necessity of staying at home and avoiding people suddenly makes the concept of going out not only appealing but almost indispensable. It looks like raining, but I would want to walk to the nearby park later today. Long walk used to be too mundane an activity to pique my interest, but now it seems a privilege I aspire to.

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