Because of the Title

I must have chosen this video because of its title, “From Paris With Love”. My mind wiggles a little whenever it hears “Paris”; my mind wiggles a little bit more when the title reminisces one of the Jame Bond series; my friend’s mind wiggles also when he saw John Travolta in the trailer–I didn’t notice it’s him until much later but my friend has more discerning eyes than I do. So it was chosen. We of course live to regret it.

First the Asians are portrayed as villains, which is itself not a big issue to me at all. However the fact that they are described as insignificant, stupid, stereotypically silent, abstractly evil don’t sit well with me and my friend. Second, the plot is so predictable. My friend makes many predictions–the ring from the girl, Caroline, is a bug or a GPS device; the girl is a villain–and they all turn out to be true. Third, the girl doesn’t look like a suicide bomber at all. She doesn’t look like one; she doesn’t behave one; she doesn’t have the believable background. My friend argues, very weakly and only for the sake of argument, that anybody can be a suicide bomber regardless how he or she looks, behaves, grows up. I am obliged to defer. Poverty, lack of education, hopelessness, family tragedy, psychological trauma can turn normal people into monsters. Caroline has none of it. She looks like a girl of upper middle class who goes to snobby restaurants and becomes distressed about not getting the most fashionable designer shoes. The two actors are just too good for such a movie.

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