Wellness Anxiety

I reordered three bottles of “Wellness Formula”, less for the real purpose of wellness improvement and more for alleviating my wellness anxiety. In the era of face masks and virus scare, anything that is remotely related with increased immunity is a comfort to possess. They came in much smaller bottles than I anticipated. I bought them before and have a clear idea of the size of the bottle as well as the look of the trademark printed on the outside. I studied the bottle more and found that they contain 45 pills only, not the 90 pill version I bought before, even though the price is the same. This is the disadvantage of online shopping. With one little slip of attention, one ends up with a wrong product. Well, not really wrong, just the size is wrong. If this is a real store that I visit, I doubt I would make the same mistake. We do have a “Vitamin Shoppe” on Route 1, right next to the dry clean store I often visit. I could have got this vitamin there. The problem is that whenever I go in to the store, I feel the pressure of buying more than I go there for since it’s such a nice store, but it is so empty and the shop assistants–usually more than one–are usually idle. My eagerness to contribute to the store turns into guilt when I don’t buy much. I felt that the assistants were silently accusing me of being stingy and unhelpful when they rang me up.

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