Phone Batteries

My friend has an iPhone and the battery needs constant charging. Whenever it is not charged, the battery bars go down from fully charged to zero in just one long phone call or one wechat conversation. “Replace the battery at once.” I said, wondering if it sounds silly to be asked so obvious a question and if it feels silly to offer something so obvious. My friend rarely takes my advice. His purpose in life is comfort and conformity, in contrast to mine, which are mainly sacrificing comfort for convenience and less housework; nonconformity with a veneer of conformity–it becomes a depressing existential issue when sometimes the veneer is all one lives for.

“All the Apple stores are closed and the date of reopening seems too far away for human imagination.” He pointed this out, another stab at the irrefutable and obvious fact that I cannot possibly disagree. Not knowing what he is getting at, I promptly started to complain that the life without the pleasure of shopping is very much like an unexamined life–both are not worth living. He indulged me by listening to my tirade for a little while, not sufficient for me to have the utter satisfaction of annihilating the phantom enemies in my mind but suffice to let off some steam. Then he steered the conversation back to the problem of battery.

I don’t know how I’ve become the go-to person for internet and gadgets among my friends. I am basically a technology idiot and have never showed any interest in physics or engineering, and never owned an iPhone or Apple product. However I like to search for answers and can follow the instruction to get something done when needed. I guess this is all my friend desires me to do in the current situation. Then he asked me if it’s worth it for such an old phone to get an Apple battery, which led to my reply that “any generic battery from any unauthentic source will do.” Then I thought he was asking an obvious question, which would prompt an obvious answer from me he had expected all along. Probably he had never had the intention to go to an Apple store even if they are all open twenty four seven, but he preferred that I spell it out for him. He’s polite and considerate, afraid of saying anything that would offend others. I’m an old friend and understand his ways.

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