Not Getting Younger

Another book on sale and another book one could regret one bought it. Even the picture on the cover, which looks just as sanguine as another nice outfit for a nice book, is deceptively depressing. So many candles crowd the cake that the oversized flaming top seems on the point of toppling over. However once started, I found myself enjoying it more than I had expected. I particularly enjoy the part, in which the author bought a big house, with the help from her parents, and made her home a community of friends. That’s just wonderful. I think I watched a video about such kind of community before. A fashionable new company in New York that started such a thing. I wish I am involved in such kind of thing myself.

I like the part about she and her mom, their opinion of each other bordering on criticism, especially when hair is involved. I’ve never had such experiences with my mom since she never paid much attention to me–which is a good thing and I’ve become independent and self sufficient early on–and I’ve never been interested in people’s looks or people’s body enough to give opinions. I mean any opinion. I wish she elaborate more on her relationship with her mom, the prickly criticisms that come with the supports, their varied ideas or ideals, the comparison and the conflicts, the daily conversations etc. I would be really interested to know the inner working of women’s relationships. There should be as many books about women’s relationship as romance, but I am becoming too unrealistic here.

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