Face Mask

Suddenly people are all wearing masks in stores and even in parks–something that was not considered advisable for more than a month is becoming advisable now. I don’t know what’s the underlying reasoning for wearing mask now, for not wearing masks before, for the change of direction. The news have been continuously depressing. It’s more depressing when one feels that there seems to be no end to this.

My friend gave me two face masks, but they are too itchy for me. After one hour of running in and out of three stores to get provisions, the edge of my face and even my neck felt funny. Go online and what do I find? Masks of whatever price show up with the delivery date of May 22 to June 15, which is one and half month away the earliest.

There are many DIY Mask videos online, among which several belong to my favorite variety of “no sewing”. Without any scarfs to make into masks, I cut up a bathrobe and a shirt. Actually half of what I own I haven’t worn more than twice–how much junk I deal with every day–and they can all be cut up to make masks.

Driving to Walmart to get elastic bands, rubber bands, glues, staplers with staples, I remember the girls I knew who are good with crafts, needlework, knitting. There were two girls I particularly liked and how much I missed them and wished that I’ve never left my hometown, just for the chance of living my life around them.

My hands are clumsy and can never make anything, not even knitting the simplest shawl. My grandma was so masterful in knitting sweaters, making clothes, making shoes, but her talent was not passed on to my mother, whose hands were as clumsy as mine.

Just look at the long line outside of Walmart’s entrance. Only one door is open for entering and one door for exit with a sentry who tries to talk with shoppers who care to stop to listen to her about the lack of toilet paper, the long line etc.

I wish I enjoy making masks, but I’ve never enjoyed any activities involving human body and its dexterity since I’ve never been any good.

Just make the masks and get it over with. How much more we need to get over with before this virus crisis is over?

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