Longer lines
outside of the stores;
More masked face
with wary looks;
No more
toilet papers, rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizers;
A friend talking over the phone--
but he's not interested in conversing.
He's not into anybody or anything, not even himself.
Enjoying sanctioned pleasures, he feels superior;
not enjoying unsanctioned pleasures, 
he feels even more superior.  
Another friend not returning messages--
I wonder if she is drafted by the hospital.
I am worried--
without N95, not much protection,
what will become of her?
Indisposed is the day,
dispirited in my heart.
You, my ghost, my apparition, 
my interminable love--real and imagined. 
I dreamed of you last night and
now I beg you to cheer me up.  

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