A Spring Day

The street is empty, 
from one block to another,
only a surly man walking his sad dog.
Distancing is social or asocial?
He keeps a good distance by 
walking almost half a circle,
just to avoid me.
The park is in accessible, 
all cordoned off, 
police car parking at the entrance.
It looks empty and desolate. 
What will a true dystopia world look like? 
Those fancied dystopias are too dramatic,
too full of actions, too much conflicts and rancor.
The real dystopia, when it comes,
will probably start with little steps--
the distant news getting closer each day, 
the worrying sound of anxiety getting louder each day,
the store shelves more empty each day,
the poor becoming poorer. 
Things getting worse, but only in baby steps. 

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