Watching “Parasite”

Watching “Parasite” with a friend, I was a little astonished to find that he mostly sided with the rich family. I am rather ambiguous about the moral issues here and more sympathetic towards the poor family, who has to hustle in order to survive. I thought everybody thinks like me, but as often is the case I am wrong. My friend is far from being rich, and just as many immigrants, one financial mistake or one big accident can plunge him out of the rank of middle class. He does things with common sense. Anyway, he is quite normal in all aspects, although I have to say that he wouldn’t be the best person to give judgement when a situation becomes complicated and when it requires skills that transcend what is commonly acknowledged.

Throughout the movie, he gave negative comments on the trickery of the poor family and he even reminisced a past incident when he was tricked by a person coming from the countryside who worked in the same work unit he did. I should have asked him for details, but with the progress of the movie taking place, it is hard for me to pause what’s on the screen to listen to something else. Now I think of it, it is true that the poor family breaks more ethical and legal codes than the rich family. Actually from my friend points of view, the poor family breaks all the codes and the rich family did nothing wrong. At the end, my friends was practically furious that Ki-taek killed Mr. Park, which, in his opinion, is equivalent to patricide or regicide–Mr. Park is the benefactor who gives jobs to these poor bastards who repay his kindness with violence and trickery. The other deaths were considered trivial in comparison with Mr. Park’s demise.

Do poor people, who are pushed to the brink by the system and who have to murder each other to keep their jobs, deserve sympathy? I was lost for words that my friend would take such a stand–it pains me to think any Asian immigrant being a conservative. I wonder what I can do to change my friend or if it is at all possible to change my friend. I am usually too passive and indolent to take up such a huge task of changing other people, but I imagine myself being stronger than I am and doing things beyond my ability.

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