The headache came last night and wouldn’t go away even now, 24 hours later. Since headache is one of the symptoms of the new virus, I naturally suspect that I might have got it. Actually, a random cough here and there, an occasional sneeze, or even the gurgling sound from the stomach can alert the mind to the word “coronavirus” and send one’s imagination soaring into the realm of crowded hospital with walls of ventilator and packed morgue.

It could be the impending monthly cycle, the walk in the chilly wind, or the virus. One of the three did the mischief and I don’t know which. Or probably it’s brain tumor? Anxiety can supply boundless resources for vexations and it takes leaps so easily from a trifle headache to life threatening cancer.

The headache seems to be lessened by food and aggravated by hunger. Could it be related with blood sugar? The higher the blood sugar level, the less of the ache? The headache is not related with light since lying down in darkness doesn’t help at all. One benefit of the headache is that I don’t get worried about the virus news anymore. Actually I’ve gone an entire 24 hours without a glimpse of the news of medical supply shortage, nursing homes disasters.

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