Another Day

The headache is gone;
the chore is done.
The sun is not shining;
the wind is not whining;
the rain is all but resigning.
Face adorned with self made mask;
go out for a shopping task.
The air is misty;
or is it crispy?
Outside the store, the long line is winding;
people standing there, waiting and unsmiling.
Except three people, middle-aged likely;
laughing and chatting so lively.
They probably haven't met for a while;
driving miles to meet at the grocery aisle.
Each has stories to relate;
taking turn to orate.
Events repeated; 
platitude completed. 
Tone overheated;
spirit undefeated.
Happy are they,
who always find a way,
wherever they may,
to play. 

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