Last Chapter

Now I am at the last chapter of “In Defense of Women” and I just can’t help laughing that Mencken is railing against women who are more interested in taking jobs, gaining financial independence, and having fun than jumping into marriage. Obviously he’s not happy about this. In the previous chapters, he’s railing against women who are eager to trap men into marriage. I guess Mencken is hard to please, at least by women. Eager to get into marriage, no good; not eager to get into marriage, no good.

This is such an old tune that it’s almost a cliche right now. However Mencken’s writing is so exhilarating that he will never go out of fashion. Even if his content is more like bullshitting with a literary twist, our mind is so attracted to his style of writing that it ignores all the defects of the book–the logical inconsistency, the deliberate exaggeration, the biased opinion etc. He must be a very bad tempered man and hardly sociable since if he talks like how he writes–acerbic, grudging, expressing self-serving opinions regardless of other people’s feelings and with no pretense of politeness–it would be hard to be friends with him. I don’t know if his fans were eager to meet him in person. Probably those fans with a masochistic bend wouldn’t mind to meet him and be happy when scolded. I think I am his fan but I wouldn’t want to meet him for anything.

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