Reading “The Myth”

I only understand a small portion of it. “The Myth of Sisyphus” needs to be reread, but just from my partial understanding of it, Sisyphus is considered to be enjoying his futile effort and useless task. If I read this book through the lens of an immigrant, I wonder if Camus is giving a foreboding message about the work many immigrants undertake–boring and repetitive. It’s pointless beyond the virtue of making a living. However I have to agree that even if the work doesn’t worth much other than the meager monetary reward, even if their dream is probably delusional, the process of working makes people happy. It’s true that reflection makes people go half insane and ignorance without reflection makes people content. Camus put it much better, in a way that’s almost inspirational. I wonder how he does it. It seems his message is on the surface a little depressing and it sets against the enlightened statement on the worthlessness of a non-examined life by Socrates.

There are so many quotes that I don’t know how to select one.

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