“The Plague”

It is said more people are buying the book “The Plague” by Albert Camus due to the coronavirus. I’ve always thought I would read it, since my college days, but I’ve never done that. The problem is that I’m stuck with “The Rebel”, the topic of which is relevant to my life and endearing to my heart. The morality of the rebels is something I think about all the time. There’s no escape from this recurring theme for me, being brought up in an authoritarian family and school system. I’ve never seriously attempted philosophical book before, and “The Rebel” is not an easy read. I read it haltingly, often disrupted by other books more in my alley and to my liking. I like Camus’ style better than I like Sartre, whose “Word” and whose play I couldn’t finish. If I force myself, I could, but I’ve been too indulgent in the entertainment aspect of reading that I’m often dragged away by more entertaining books. I wish philosophers write books like Maugham, Waugh, Orwell, Henry James etc., but that’s too much to wish for. I am really interested in Noam Chomsky, but his book is not interesting read unfortunately. If he writes like Orwell, how much will it help him to spread his messages?

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