A Day

I woke up at six o’clock in the morning, groggy and uncomfortable, wanting to sleep more but unable to, wanting to read something but impossible to focus. Half an hour later, not knowing how, I went back to a shallow dream, which I can’t remember now what it was about, and woke up at nine thirty. My friend called and we argued on something silly. He was supposed to come over but now with the argument he wouldn’t come. I have to say I enjoy arguing, meaningless or otherwise. I would like to have more arguments, but most of my friends don’t want that, the reason for which I have pondered long and hard but without any conclusion.

One week without going outside, I tried my car and it almost didn’t start. It took two tries and for the second try I turned the key all the way until the point that I couldn’t turn anymore, and the engine sprang into life. The radio blasted and I couldn’t even remember I had turned up the radio so loud last time. Or probably the tolerance of my ears have changed in the last several days. I don’t listen to radios when driving since it disrupts my thoughts, which I know they don’t want to be disrupted. Not that they are important in any way and most likely they deserve to be disrupted, but still I enjoy the non-disrupted rambling mind just as much as my friends enjoying the disruption of theirs.

Several blocks away, two cars almost ran into each other. The road was almost empty and it’s hard to imagine how they managed to get themselves into such a close encounter, for which one car has to beep desperately.

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