A Cloudy Day

My friend said New Jersey is getting more rainy each year and I totally agree with him. When the rain comes, it comes for two or three days at least, sometimes for a week; often a light rain is not actually falling but rather misting and saturating the air–even with an umbrella, your face and hair are wet through. I used to be able to get absorbed in a book in a day like this, especially a book with an absorbing plot. Not anymore. I can’t read a book with abandon, or do anything with abandon anymore.

I don’t know how and when this comes about that the Firefox browser, whenever the “+” sign at the top is clicked and a new tab emerges, a parade of little window of contents show up, under a label called “Recommended by Pocket”. What is “Pocket”? I have no idea. I’ve never felt the smallest inclination to click on any of the windows this “Pocket” nags me about, but I am not really annoyed by it. The quiet recommendation of “Pocket” is better than those obtrusive advertisements on cosmetics, outfits, vitamins, grammar assistance–all invariably accompanied by an Asian face. As soon as I acquired this new laptop, it figured out that I’m an Asian, a narrow minded Asian who only wants to be exposed to advertisements with Asian faces, a vain Asian who wants to look good with makeup, clothes, and herb pills. Even the grammar assistance is catering to my vanity of trying to look smarter than my real self. Now I really don’t know how my laptop got this cynical idea of me into its laptop brain.

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