Stay At Home

I have to go out to buy groceries. To avoid the weekend crowd in the Asian grocery stores around here, I didn’t go out for the last two days except a long walk in the neighborhood. The spring flowers are mostly gone; trees gain a deeper shade of green; wind is comfortably warm on one’s face.

Just sent two text messages to two friends and wonder how they are doing. They probably haven’t got up yet. They are probably busy with breakfast. The rain comes and goes; the sun shines on clusters of clouds floating by. There’s no better time to venture out. To where? There’s no place to go except grocery stores.

My friend live with her parents and it has never occurred to me before that companionship is one of the advantages of such an arrangement. When I said that I envy her, she said, “one can’t choose one’s parents.” She often makes simple and profound statements. This is one of them.

Even Sartre, who advocates “no excuses”, would agree with my friend that one has no choice in one’s parents.

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