All Those Unknown Battles

This book, “The Decisive Battles of World History” is almost a sequel to “History’s Great Military Blunders and the Lessons They Teach”. When I finished one, I have to finish the other. I have to say I like this one even better. The inclusion of Japanese Russian Japanese conflicts (Battle of Tsushima, Battles of Khalkhin Gol), failed Japanese invasion of Korea, the brilliant general Yi Sun-sin during the Imjin war are fascinating. I can’t believe that I’m so ignorant that I don’t know these things at all even if I consider myself a person interested in history and military conflicts. I obviously think too well of myself.

Just like many other readers who gave comments, I don’t like the details of the military conflicts, but rather I enjoy the background information, characters of the people involved, and historical contexts. I wish there are more historical contents offered for those battles happened in East and Southeast Asia, but the way the lectures are arranged doesn’t give enough space for those kind of elaborations.

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